Scoliosis Exercises Guide | Scoliosis Pain

Scoliosis Exercises

Scoliosis Exercises

effectively treat your back and help maintain your fitness level preventing injury and back pain.

Scoliosis is the abnormal or irregular sideways curvature of the spine that might lead to breathing problems, back pain, and abnormal body proportion. The common causes of scoliosis include birth defects, genetics, neuromuscular disorders, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Typically, doctors recommend their patient to have regular checkup, surgery, or wearing scoliosis braces in order to help straighten the patient’s spine. Aside from these treatments, regular scoliosis exercises are also recommended as scoliosis treatment because they can effectively help the patient in managing the symptoms.

Scoliosis pain
scoliosis exercises

Although scoliosis exercises cannot reverse or stop scoliosis’ progression, it is important to sustain strong muscles and bones. The uncomfortable and painful symptoms of scoliosis usually limit the life quality as well as physical activity of people suffering from it. However, regular exercise helps in controlling the scoliosis pain which then allow the sufferers to function freely. This will definitely be very helpful especially if the scoliosis was caused by inflammation or muscle spasms. High intensity and moderate exercises can help in improving the lung function of the patient plagued by the breathing difficulties.

Back pain exercises

Scoliosis exercises

treatment helps in making the muscles of your back, upper back, and shoulders flexible and strong. The abdominal exercises and back exercises specifically can be very helpful in sustaining strong muscles and bones.

One great abdominal exercise which you can perform is the leg and arm extension. Performing this kind of abdominal exercise on a stability ball or exercise ball will help in improving your posture and strengthening your back. You can start with your hips right over the ball where this ball will help in supporting your entire body weight. With your right fingertips and left toes on the floor for support and balance, extend your right arm up while lifting left leg up. Breathe out while on the lifting phase and breathe in while on the lowering phase. Hold up to 3 or four counts before you lower your limbs and repeat the exercise. You can perform 3 sets with 10 repetitions in each set.

scoliosis exercises

Another exercise which is recommended for scoliosis sufferers is the stretch up and reaches down exercise. You can perform this by standing while your back is against the wall and both arms hanging freely. This position will help your from bending backward or forward while performing the exercise. Lift your left arm up while reaching the ceiling with your left hand, and reaching the floor with your right hand. Hold this stretch within 5 seconds and relax. Make sure you pay attention to which side of your back is tighter.

scoliosis exercises

Side stretch is a type of back pain exercise recommended for people with scoliosis. Its major goal is to stretch tight back muscles in order to provide relief from back pain complaints. You can start by standing with your back against the wall and your hands hanging freely. Determine which side of your back is tighter. In case the tighter side of your back is the right side, lift your right arm above head then bend on your left side, away from tight muscles. Hold the stretch within 5 seconds before gradually returning to the starting position. Following these scoliosis exercises will reduce your chances of prolonged back pain considerably.

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